amplified clarinet and trumpet from Montréal


Sound of the Mountain with Toshimaru Nakamura and Tetuzi Akiyama,
amplified clarinet and trumpet, guitars, nimb
out now on Mystery & Wonder Records.




Sound of the Mountain with Tetuzi Akiyama and Toshimaru Nakamura at Ftarri, October 2018, Tokyo.
Photo by Akira Saito


Available on LP, CD, FLAC & MP3. BUY IT HERE. listen:

photo by Akira Saito

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Should you be without any information and listening to this music, you could easily believe this is some electro-acoustic music; maybe of objects pushed around on a carpet, but then heavily amplified; very soft in volume but very powerful at the same time. This is some fascinating stuff. -Frans De Waard, Vital Weekly.

Sound of the Mountain plays amplified clarinet and trumpet, coming from a history of improvisation and extended techniques. Since forming in 2015, they have played over 150 concerts together, developing a sound language merging acoustic and electronic textures through amplification. With this language they create long-form soundscapes. They work with closely-mic’d instruments and minimal equalization, avoiding the use of effects pedals and loops, such that their constant physical attention drives the music.

Active touring artists, they have played internationally in Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico and Australia, and coast-to-coast throughout Canada. Making a point of collaboration, the duo has collaborated with Japanese improvised music pioneers Toshimaru Nakamura, Tetuzi Akiyama, Takahiro Kawaguchi, Michiyo Yagi and Akira Sakata , Canadian experimental trailblazers like the electro-acoustic duo Instant Places, Tone Deaf’s Matt Rogalsky, or Guelph’s own hurdy-gurdy player Ben Grossman, and members of Quebec’s experimental electronic community Alain Lefevbre, Anne-F Jacques, and Alexandre St-Onge, along with many many more.

Recent highlights include festival performances at Umbral (Mexico, 2019), send + receive (Winnipeg, 2019), Sounds Like (Saskatoon, 2019), Avant X (Toronto, 2019), Open Waters (Halifax, 2019), Open Ears (Kitchener, 2018), Make It Up Club (Melbourne Australia, 2018), Codes d’Access (Montreal, 2018), Suoni per il Popolo (Montreal, 2017) and KLEX (Malaysia, 2017).  


Mettant en vedette les sonorités éthérées d’Elizabeth Millar et de Craig Pedersen, à la clarinette et à la trompette amplifiée, le duo Sound of the Mountain naît d’une forte expérience avec les techniques de jeu étendues et la musique improvisée. Leur langage musical combine sonorités acoustiques et électroniques à travers une prise de son rapprochée. Ils créent ainsi des paysages sonores étirés évoquant un éventail de textures allant d’un silence étendu au vrombissement d’un espace saturé. Depuis leur formation en 2015, le duo a performé à plus d’une centaine de reprises, à l’international (Japon, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaisie, Singapour, Mexique et Australie) et d’un bout à l’autre du Canada.

Au nombre de leur réalisations récentes les plus marquantes, quelques performances dans divers festivals: Umbral (Mexique, 2019), send + receive (Winnipeg, 2019), Sounds Like (Saskatoon, 2019), Avant X (Toronto, 2019), Open Waters (Halifax, 2019), Open Ears (Kitchener, 2018), Make It Up Club (Australie, 2018), Codes d’accès (Montréal, 2018), Suoni per il Popolo (Montréal, 2017) et KLEX (Malaisie, 2017).



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August 8-10, Sound of the Mountain, live-stream of pre-recorded sound and video on Improv Fest, Guelph, ON info
May 9, Sound of the Mountain, live-stream concert on FB event
May 8, Sound of the Mountain, live-stream concert on FB event

Mar 23, Leslee Smucker; Sound of the Mountain, Café Resonance, Montreal, QC FB event
Mar 14, The Flying Teapots; Paraphonique; Sound of the Mountain, Casa del Popolo, Montreal, QC


UMBRAL Festival, Mexico
Dec 3, with Gudinni Cortina, La Habitacion del Ruido, Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana, CDMX, Mexico
Nov 29, Sound of the Mountain, Actividades Mercurio, Álvaro Obregón 240 col. Roma, CDMX, Mexico
Nov 28, Sound of the Mountain, Museo de la Ciudad de Querétaro, Querétaro, Mexico

CANADIAN ALBUM RELEASE TOUR with Toshimaru Nakamura and Tetuzi Akiyama

click for more info

Nov 1, Upstream Music Association, Halifax, NS
Oct 30, Musique pas d’air, Le Knock-Out, Quebec City, QC
Oct 29, Petit Auditorium du Cégep, Victoriaville, QC
Oct 27, Supermusique/Mystery & Wonder/CKUT Presente, Bar Le Ritz PDB, Montreal, QC
Oct 26, IMOO, Ottawa, ON
Oct 25, Admission of Guilt, Kitchener-Waterloo, ON
Oct 24, Navigable Straits, Peterborough, ON
Oct 23, Tone Deaf, Kingston, ON
Oct 22, HAVN, Hamilton, ON
*Oct 20, Avant X Festival, Music Gallery, Toronto, ON
*Oct 17-19, send+receive festival, Winnipeg, MB
Oct 16, Sweaty Palms/NME, Edmonton, AB
Oct 14, live on CJSW 90.9FM, Breaking the Tethers, Calgary, AB
Oct 13, Bug Incision, Calgary, AB
*Oct 10- 12, Sounds Like Festival, Saskatoon, SK

Oct 4, Sound of the Mountain, La Plante, Montreal, QC
*Sept 29, Fix it Thyself Workshop, Pop Montreal Festival, Montreal, QC
Sept 28, Sound of the Mountain presented by SuperMusique, Le Vivier, Montreal, QC

TOUR Tim Olive (JAPAN) & Anne-F Jacques & Sound of the Mountain
June 2, UPPER, London, Ontario
June 1, TRANZAC, Toronto with Mike Lynn
May 31, Havn, Hamilton with Connor Bennett
May 30, General Assembly, Ottawa
May 26, Sotterenea, Montreal with Martin Tétreault 

TOUR Yumiko Yoshimoto (JAPAN) & Sound of the Mountain & E Millar solo
May 5, Audiopollination Series, Array Space, Toronto with local guests
May 4, Common Cafe, Guelph with Micheal Mucci
May 3, 12Cat Collective, Kingston with David Parker
May 2, Ottawa, General Assembly with local guests
May 1, Sotterenea, Montreal, with Anne-F Jacques & E Millar 

TOUR Gudinni Cortina (MEXICO) & Anne-F Jacques & Sound of the Mountain
April 7, General Assembly, Ottawa
April 6, Sotterenea, Montreal

Mar 21, Sound of the Mountain, presented by SuperMusique, Le Livart, Montreal

MEXICO CITY spring 2019
March 17, Bucareli 69 - Mexico City
March 14, Umbral Series, Mexico City
March 7, Composition by Gudinni Cortina, Arte Ex Theresa, Mexico City

Feb 28, Victor Pons, Whim Ensemble & Sound of the Mountain, Vitrola, Montreal
Feb 24, Martin Tétreault, Dark Winds, Sound of the Mountain, Mystery & Wonder Presents, Bar Le Ritz P.D.B. Montreal
Jan 26, Sound of the Mountain, Geist House, Montreal
Jan 18, livestream with Instant Places, Radio Vieux Hull, Gatineau

Jan 5, Sound of the Mountain with Brandon Auger, Dunn Theatre, Open Waters Festival, Halifax, Nova Scotia


Sound of the Mountain Japan October 2018
Oct 29, Sound of the Mountain with Tim Olive, Space Eauuu, Kobe, Japan
Oct 27, Sound of the Mountain with Tim Olive, Figya, Osaka, Japan
Oct 24, Sound of the Mountain with Toshimaru Nakamura & Tetuzi Akiyama, Ftarri, Tokyo
Oct 23, trio with Zhao Cong (China), Bar Ishee, Tokyo
Oct 20, Sound of the Mountain with Shinkan Tamaki, Oto Oto, Tokyo
Oct 17, Sound of the Mountain with Yuma Takeshita Permian, Tokyo
Oct 14, Sound of the Mountain with Yumiko Yoshimoto & Hisaharu Teruuchi, Koenji Goodman, Tokyo
Oct 12, Junji Hirose & Elizabeth Millar, Toshimaru Nakamura & Craig Pedersen, Ftarri, Tokyo

Oct 5, Sound of the Mountain, General Assembly, Ottawa
July 14, Sound of the Mountain and William Davison, The Tranzac, Toronto, ON

Short May Ontario Tour with Toshimaru Nakamura and Martin Taxt
venues TBA - email for info.

May 31st - Open Ears Festival - Kitchener, ON
May 25th - Burn Down the Capital Presents - Toronto, ON
May 24th - Tone Deaf Presents - Kingston, ON
May 23rd - General Assembly - Ottawa, ON

May 2nd - SOTM "big crescendo" with Nick Kuepfer and Eric Craven, w. Kee Avil, Love Children of the Apocalypse - Brasserie Beaubien, Montreal, QC

Cross Canada Spring Tour
April 22 - The Gore Street Cafe w. Hinterbrane - Sault Ste. Marie, ON: FB event
April 21 - The Apollo w. Johnny 2 Fingers & The Deformities - Thunder Bay, ON: FB event
April 19 - Video Pool Media Arts Centre w. Civvie - Winnipeg, MB: FB event
April 16 - Drone Factory w. Jeff Morton - Regina, SK: FB event
April 15 - Unheard Sound Series - Paved Arts - Saskatoon, SK
April 14 - Sweaty Palms Presents: w. Nadir Bellahmer, Ghost Library - Ortona Armoury - Edmonton, AB FB event
April 8 - Bug Incision Presents w. Ota/Macleod/Gignoux/Dadge - Highline Brewing - Calgary, AB - FB event
April 5 - Naramata Community Church w. MANZAP & David Geraghty - Naramata, BC
April 3 - Sawdust Collector - The Gold Saucer - Vancouver, BC
March 26 - Codes D’accès Dream of Instruments - La Sala Rossa - Montreal, QC

Melbourne, Australia
January 16 - w. Belinda Woods: Make It Up Club 20th Anniversary Festival, Bar Open, Melbourne, VIC
January 14 - Live on The Sound Barrier with Ian Parsons, PBS Radio 106.7FM, Melbourne, VIC


Western Australia:

December 26-30 - Residency - Perth, WA
December 21 - Outcome Unknown - Spectrum Artist Space - Perth, WA
December 19 - Noizemachin!! - Perth Artifactory - Perth, WA
December 11 - iMprov Collective - Perth, WA

Southeast Asia tour:

November 29 - Ujikaji Presents at Artistry - Singapore
November 24 - Klex Fest - Raw Art Space - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
November 23 - Carbon Guest House - Penang, Malaysia
November 21 - Performance Universiti Sains Malaysia - Penang , Malaysia
November 21 - Artist talk Universiti Sains Malaysia - Penang , Malaysia
November 18 - with Yong Yandsen and Sudarshan Chandra Kumar - Raw Art Space, KL, Malaysia
November 13 - Yoko Cafe - Viet Music Reunion - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
November 10 - MANZI - Hanoi, Vietnam
November 6 - 先行一車 - Taipei, Taiwan November 5 - 玩劇島小劇場 Little Play - Taichung, Taiwan
November 3 - 江山藝改所 (Jiang Shan Yi Gai Suo) - Hsinchu, Taiwan


October 30 - Yellow Vision Asagaya - Tokyo
Quintet with Akira Sakata, Michiyo Yagi and Joe Talia

October 29th - Kissa Sakaiki - Tokyo
with Yamagishi Naoto (percussion)

October 27th - Bar Ishee - Tokyo
with Kawaguchi Takahiro (self-made instrument) and suzueri

October 20 - Big Apple - Kobe
quartet with Satoko Fujii and Natsuki Tamura

October 17 - Common Cafe - Osaka
with Tim Olive and Takahiro Kawabuchi, Christian Alvear

October 15 - Ftarri - Tokyo
with Takashi Masubuchi (guitar) and Masahide Tokunaga (alto sax)

October 11 - Koenji Goodman - Tokyo
with Yoshimoto Yumiko, guitar; Teruuchi Hisahari, piano

October 8 - Ftarri - Tokyo
duo: Toshimaru Nakamura (no-input mixing board), Craig Pedersen (trumpet)

October 1 - Yellow Vision - Toyko
improvised music evening with Naoki Kondo

September 30 - Bar Ishee - Tokyo
with Darren Moore / Cal Lyall

September 17 - OTOOTO - Tokyo
Solos and trio with Tetuzi Akiyama

August 31 - Poison Meal - Yellow Vision Asagaya - Tokyo
playing Solos with Maresuke and Co.

August 14 - Ftarri - Tokyo
Gretchen Jude [from U.S.A.] (koto), Naoto Yamagishi (percussion), and Masahide Tokunaga (alto sax) trio
Takahiro Kawaguchi (self-made instrument), Yui Nakamura (voice), and Takashi Masubuchi (guitar) trio

Cross Canada Tour
June 28 - House of Common - Ottawa, ON
June 30 - House Concert - Kingston, ON
July 1 - No Canada - The Spill - Peterborough, ON
July 4 - Track Could Bend - Toronto, ON
July 5 - The Common Café - Guelph, ON
July 7 - HAVN - Hamilton, ON
July 9 - House Concert - Toronto, ON
July 10 - Cosmic Dave's Vinyl Emporium - Sudbury, ON
July 12 - The Apollo - Thunder Bay, ON
July 14 - Neutral Ground - Regina, SK
July 15 - Gallery AKA - Saskatoon, SK
July 16 - Bug Incision - Calgary, AB
July 20 - Dirt Buffet Cabaret - Edmonton, AB
July 22 - Sweaty Palms Presents - Edmonton, AB
July 23 - Skin and Bones Series - Kelowna, BC
July 24 - Leir House Cultural Centre - Penticton, BC
July 25 - 4pm - CiTR 101.9 - Vancouver, BC
July 25 - Thors Palace - Vancouver, BC
July 29 - House Concert - Hornby Island, BC
July 30- Lot 8 House Concert - Victoria, BC - email for details

June 13, 830pm // w/ 5 sided-circle // La Vitrola // Suoni Per Il Popolo // Montréal, QC
May 24, 9pm // quartet w/ Eric Craven, Nick Kuepfer + Skintone, guests // Barpub St. Denis // Montreal, QC
My 16, 8pm // Vernissage w/ special guests TBA // VAV Gallery, Concordia University // Montréal, QC
May 12, 9pm // w/ La Forêt rouge, Terrific Cindy, Dead Squirrels // Brasserie Beaubien // Montréal, QC
April 8, 8pm // w/ Walter Wright, Bonnie Kane & Others // Casa Obscura, Montéal, QC
March 15, 8pm // Art Matters Vernissage // Mainline Gallery, Montréal, QC
March 7th, 8pm // Mardi Spaghetti: SOTM trio w/ Matt Rogalsky // Cagibi (5490 Boul. St. Laurent), Montréal, QC
March 5th, 7pm // SOTM duo + trio with David Broscoe // IMOO Series, Ottawa, ON
March 4th, 8pm // SOTM trio w/ Matt Rogalsky // Musical Chairs, Kingston, ON
March 3rd, 9pm // w/ Colin Fisher & SHDWCIN // P4B: Common, Guelph, ON
February 25, 9pm // w/ Eschaton & Platitudes // Etre, Montréal, QC
February 10, 9pm // SOTM + 1/4 Tonne+Moose Terrific + DJ Skintone // La Plante, Montréal, QC
January 28, 9pm // Tender Threads / SOTM // Le Cagibi (5490 Boul. St. Laurent), Montréal, QC
January 19, 8pm // Alpha UMI 1: Sound of the Mountain + Foisy/Lumley // North Star Pinball (3908 Blvd St Laurent), Montréal, QC

December 19, 9pm // with Meowlinda + Paulabulus // the Spill (414 George St N), Peterborough, ON
December 18, 8pm // Audiopollination Series // Array Space (155 Walnut Ave), Toronto, ON
December 17, 8:30pm // Admission of Guilt Series opening for Susan Alcorn // Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, 101 Queen Street, North Kitchener, ON
December 8th, 9pm // East-Fest (SOTM at 10:15pm) // La Sala Rossa (4848 boul St-Laurent), Montréal, QC
November 24, 8:30pm // ZIP! SAX! Series: SOTM trio with Yves Charuest + Denley/Normand + Lauzier/Mouchous/Schidlowsky // La Vitrola (4602 Boul St-Laurent), Montréal
10.19.16 // Sauna (Concordia Greenhouse) // Montréal, QC
10.01.16 // La Plante (w/ Anne-F Jacques, Nick Kuepfer) // Montreal, QC
9.25.16 // Pop Montréal: Brasserie Beaubien // Montreal, QC
7.25.16 // Sound Sound Series // St Catharines, ON
7.24.16 // Audiopollination: Array Space // Toronto, ON
7.23.16 // Place for Bands // Guelph, ON
7.22.16 // The Spill (Baby Labour/Idle Crow/Deathsticks) // Peterborough, ON
7.03.16 // IMOO (w/ Instant Places) // Montréal, QC
7.02.16 // Musical Chairs (w/ Instant Places + Firemoss) // Kingston, ON
7.30.16 // Matralab (w/ Instant Places) // Montréal, QC
6.02.16 // La Plante (w/ Baby Labour) // Montréal, QC
5.27.16 // Librarie St. Jean-Baptiste // Québec, QC
5.26.16 // Obey Convention // Halifax, NS
5.25.16 // Struts Gallery // Sackville, NB
5.23.16 // Mazerolle Gallery // Fredericton, NB
5.18.16 // BarPub St Denis // CANCELLED
4.30.16 // Radio Vieux-Hull w/ Instant Places // LIVE STREAM
4.4.16 // Mardi Spaghetti // Cagibi // Montréal, QC
3.18.16 //Brasserie Beaubien // Montréal, QC
2.23.16 // La Passe // Montréal, QC

12.26.15 // Lot 6 // Victoria, BC
12.18.15 // Ministry of Casual Living // Victoria, BC
11.15.15 // House Concert // Montreal, QC
08.22.15 // Singjazz Club // Singapore
08.21.15 // SPIL // Findars // Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
08.20.15 // Findars // Kuala Lumpure, Malaysia
08.3.15 // w/ iMprov Collective // Perth, Australia
07.21.15 // La Passe // Montréal, QC
07.12.15 // House Concert // Montréal, QC
06.14.15 // House Concert // Montréal, QC
02.03.15 // Mardi Spaghetti // Montréal, QC

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